Value Added Services

As a part of our commitment to reduce costs and lead times, we have developed systems and capabilities designed to add value to the products that we deliver.

Our customers benefit from our unique ability to provide managed inventory solutions, to keep track of machine utilization, to provide shorter lead times with lights out capabilities and to process customized packaging solutions.

Machined parts in bins


Inventory Management/Kanban System Capabilities

Our customers have relied on us to provide managed inventory solutions that correlate with their
forecast reports and on-time delivery needs. We have a Kanban replenishment system that is flexible,
easily managed and has the count accuracy necessary for fulfilling requirements.


Real Time Machine Utilization Software

In 2018, our company invested in state-of-the-art technology that gives us real time insights and reports of each specific CNC machine on the floor. We are able to respond to both the positives and negatives in machine utilization. This gives us an edge on production efficiencies to diagnose and predict any machining issues that may arise. We have a designated champion to monitor the metrics along with our highly skilled machinists.


Lights Out Capabilities

We have the automation technology in many of our CNC machines to enable production with minimal or zero human intervention. We are able to manage our facility, plan production, and program automated assets to continue production in order to meet demand. This “Lights out” production process helps us to often provide our customers with shorter lead times and more completive pricing.


Custom Package/Barcode

Our shipping department has the technologies in place to provide our customers with customized packaging and barcode labels. Our commitment from start to finish is to make sure that the products we produce are packaged and delivered per our customer requirements and per industry standards for damage free shipments.