Machining Services

La Machine Shop is a complete job shop that specializes in precision machining. Our 14,000 foot production floor is stocked with a broad range of high-end CNC lathe and mill machinery and the support equipment needed to produce high quality machined components. Our commitments for on-time delivery and exceptional quality along with more than 40 year history in the business are why Fortune 500 companies continue to trust and form long-term partnerships with La Machine Shop, Inc.

A CNC Swiss machine creating a machined part

CNC Swiss

For small, high precision turned parts, our CNC Swiss machines are extremely versatile and fast. . Multi-axis machining is standard which means that we can simultaneously machine parts that need turning, threading, tapping, boring, drilling and milling. This equates to overall shorter cycle times. All of our Swiss machines have bar feeder capabilities and can do lights out production.

A CNC turning machine creating a part

CNC Turning

Our CNC turning centers, coupled with automatic bar feeders for increased productivity, offer a full range of machining options using live tooling. Dual spindles, and multiple turret lathes offer the opportunity for overlap machining which can cut cycle time in half as compared to other lathes in which parts would require to be hand loaded for secondary operations.

A CNC milling machine creates a part

CNC Milling

Unlike traditional drilling, a milling cutter can move along multiple axes. It has the capacity to create a wide array of shapes, slots, holes and other impressions. Our CNC mills are run with CAD/Cam technology and this gives us the edge in precision.

Get One Step Ahead Of The Competition

La Machine Shop has received top quality and on-time delivery ratings from our customers! We are a dependable and accurate supplier of precision machined components.