About Us

La Machine Shop, Inc. is a family owned and operated precision machining company. For over 40 years, we have been providing our customers with quality machined parts. We have a deep commitment to giving excellent customer support, meeting quality and delivery requirements, helping with inventory control and maintaining a reliable vendor base that helps us provide essential value-added services.

Our management team and our shop personnel are both very committed towards working on continuous improvements throughout all business activities. We fully expect to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and our own.

Proof that we are committed to quality is stated in our ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Certification. Everyone at La Machine Shop, has worked hard to achieve this honored certification and we look forward to continuing our journey throughout the years ahead.


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Our Mission

We are committed to be a world-class, precision machine shop. We will do this by providing our customers with product that is exceptional in quality, while maintaining a flexible delivery schedule tailored to their needs. We will value our relationships with our customers and our employees and will continue to adapt and be responsive to their changing needs with honesty and integrity.

Our Commitment
to Our Customers

La Machine Shop has an unwavering commitment to meet or exceed expectations with quality workmanship and on-time delivery.

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Quality and On-Time Delivery Promise

We promise to be vigilant in our commitments to your quality and delivery schedule needs – including providing managed inventory solutions. We receive top on-time delivery ratings from our customers.

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Customer Service Communication Promise

We understand that the best way to customer satisfaction is by active and responsive communication from start to finish.

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Continual Improvement and Lean Manufacturing

We are dedicated in focusing on continual improvements including A3 projects, 5S organization, quality reviews and process auditing.

Family Owned and Operated since 1976

La Machine Shop, Inc. started out as a small automatic screw machine shop that was located in Cedar, Minnesota by Tom and Marie LaBonne. With hard work and dedication, they built our foundation from the ground up. They also fostered an environment based on a culture of trust, respect and caring for others. Since this time, our Company has been able to make significant investments in facilities, technology, equipment, training and business solutions to discover new opportunities to grow.

Much of the credit of our success has been our extraordinary employees. Their efforts and commitments to our goals go beyond what is expected. They are skilled, hardworking individuals that also feel like family.

For our customers, the goal of this Company has always been to provide you with the best service along with the highest quality of precision machined parts. We pride ourselves in getting the work out quickly and hassle free.

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Since 2008, we have been a proud second generation company that is family owned and operated. My siblings and I have always had the same goals since the start. It is that we are a company that operates with the highest of integrity in all that we do. Going forward, our goals of success are to continue to adapt to these unprecedented times by honoring the commitments in our mission.

Joe LaBonne

Joe LaBonne,


Core Capabilities

Complete Job Shop

As a complete job shop, we are able to complete all of the machining processes necessary to meet requirements. We also have many options for the subcontracting of special processes need to be performed on the machined parts. These sub-contract process passivation, plating, heat treating, non-destructive testing and others.

Flexible Scheduling

La Machine Shop has been involved with managing Kanban Systems, blanket orders, split deliveries, and JIT shipments for over 15 years. These types of managed inventory systems is a cost-effective and efficient tool used and appreciated by our customers. We are always open to reviewing scheduling changes.

Close Tolerance Capabilities

La Machine Shop produces extremely tight cutting tolerances and very fine surface finishes. For example, precision engineered parts for industries such as aerospace, defense and medical may often require cutting tolerances as low as .0002 and finishes less than 32 micro. We are capable of meeting your most challenging quality requirements, we uphold tolerances as close as ±.0001” on turned parts and ±.0005” on milled features.

Production Runs

With the multitude of high tech CNC machines, and using CAD/CAM software, we are able to create a program which the CNC machine interprets to create the specific part. Once the program is in place, the machine can replicate the process quickly and efficiently to meet the demands of full production runs.

Prototype Runs

La Machine Shop, is fully capable of short runs and prototypes with quick turnaround. Whether it is simple or complex CNC machining, our capabilities will handle your most complex orders.

Get One Step Ahead Of The Competition

La Machine Shop has received top quality and on-time delivery ratings from our customers! We are a dependable and accurate supplier of precision machined components.