Our equipment

Throughout the years, La Machine Shop has continued to be committed in making significant capital investments in machine shop equipment that gives us the ability to provide the highest quality of machined component parts. We have also been active in promoting all of our employees to train, learn and enhance their skills and knowledge on our equipment on a daily basis.

CNC Precision Machining Equipment

A CNC turning machine at La Machine Shop

CNC Turning Equipment (Up to 7 Axis)

In 2018, we added two Yama Seiki CNC Lathes to our group. This equipment is a twin spindle, 5 axis milling and turning center. It includes a 3” capacity bar feed with chucking up to 8” diameter, live tooling and sub spindle. Our other lathes have up to 5 axis capabilities as well. Our lathes have automated bar feeds, live milling and lights out capabilities. We can machine components from .02” – 8” in diameter.

Swiss Turning Equipment (Up to 7 Axis)

Our Swiss turning machines include multiple Tsugami lathes. These lathes have produced multiple machined components that require facing, grooving, slotting, knurling, threading, boring and are extremely versatile. We also have 4 Tsugami Swiss type turning machines that have diameter capacity up to 1-1/4”. The machines are capable of doing overlap machining, thus saving precious cycle time. We have used these machines to provide complete operations all in one operation. All of these machines are equipped with auto bar loaders and have lights out capabilities.

CNC Swiss machines at La Machine Shop
A CNC milling machine at La Machine Shop

CNC Milling Equipment

Our latest investment in milling equipment includes the HAAS DT1 mill with pallet exchange capabilities. This machine is a perfect fit for producing higher volume components allowing for machine loading/unloading while the machine is cycling.

Our other Haas milling centers have a size windows up to 12” x 16” x 10” high. The Haas mills are very accurate, user friendly and allow for quick setups and changeovers. We also have a Miyano CNC milling machine that is high speed with drill/tap capabilities for light duty machining and fast hole making. Our CNC milling centers are flexible and allow for interface with 4th axis indexing heads.

Inspection Equipment

Our Quality Department is equipped with the Zeiss programmable CMM. The DuraMax gives us the performance and reliability necessary. Our quality department is skilled in performing quality checks using this machine that is just not possible with a manual method or hand held gages.

Other equipment includes several optical comparators with a digital readouts, a SurfCom surface roughness measuring system, full sets of gage pins, gage blocks, thread rings, thread gage plugs, and multiple purpose hand held micrometers and calipers.

We are consistent with meeting our calibration requirements for all company and employee owned equipment.

Inpection equipment at La Machine Shop